Leaking balcony repairs in a Northern Beaches strata building

strata leaking balcony repairs northern beaches

Repair of failed waterproofing in multiple strata unit balconies.

Our strata waterproofing team were contacted by the managers of a large unit block in Dee Why on Sydney’s Northern Beaches when water started leaking into the units below.

Our waterproofers attended the building and ascertained that the waterproofing that had been done when the units were built and was now failing.

The majority of the multi-story apartment buildings and townhouse developments built around Sydney have tiled balconies and subsequently, we are seeing a rise in waterproofing problems encountered by residents, Owners Corporations and Strata Managers.

Like houses, units and townhouse buildings are prone to movement. As outlined above, this movement can lead to breakdowns in the waterproofing membranes.  Unfortunately, in some cases we see problems arising because tradespeople have “cut corners” in an effort to save money or get projects completed on time. This can make balconies prone to leaking both into the homeowners unit and, in many cases, the unit below.  In some cases, we have seen water flood into the unit each time it rains due to incorrect drainage and “fall” calculations.

How we repaired the leaking balconies at this Dee Why unit block.

To rectify and fix the leaking balconies and stop water from leaking into the units below, first our waterproofers had to remove the existing tiles and substrate from each balcony.

We then applied a new screed.  This was followed by multiple applications of flexible waterproofing.

And finally, each balcony was tiled and regrouted with a sealant added.

leaking strata balcony repair northern beaches
(L) Waterproofing membrane applied. (R) Balcony retiled and sealed.

Do you have a strata waterproofing problem?

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