Common bathroom waterproofing problems

bathroom waterproofing problems

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One of the most common home building defects is waterproofing problems in wet areas such as bathrooms, showers and baths.   If waterproofing issues aren’t addressed and repaired quickly, it can lead to significant problems that can be costly to repair and rectify.  To prevent this from happening, waterproofing problems should be addressed as soon as they’re noticed.

Regular inspections, proper maintenance and repairs are crucial in preventing and rectifying common bathroom waterproofing problems.  If you believe you have a waterproofing problem, contact our friendly team for advice. We’re here to help.

Below we have listed common bathroom waterproofing problems that we encounter regularly.

bathroom waterproofing problems

Leaking showers and baths

Common causes of leaking showers and baths

  • Cracked tiles
  • Deteriorated grout between the tiles
  • Faulty or inadequate silicone around the edge of the shower or bath

How we can help

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Cracked or Missing Tile Grout

Causes of tile grout problems

  • The main cause is deterioration. Over time grout can crack or become dislodged. This creates openings (cracks and holes) where water can penetrate.

How we can help

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Leaking Pipes

Common causes of leaking pipes

  • Bathroom water leaks are typically due to damaged or improperly sealed pipes in the walls or floors.

How we can help

  • We can often assist in identifying the source of the leaking pipe and, if required, liaise with a plumber to rectify the problem.

bathroom waterproofing problems

Failing Waterproofing Membrane

Causes of waterproofing membrane problems

  • If there is no waterproofing membrane beneath tiles or it starts to fail or is inadequate, then water can seep through to the underlying structure (i.e. floor, walls).

How we can help

  • Rectify problems with the waterproofing membrane so there is an adequate barrier that prevents water penetration.
  • Install a new waterproofing membrane (to Australian Standards) that creates an impermeable banner between the tiles and the underlying structure.

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Poorly Sealed Joints

Joint sealing problems

  • Poor sealing of joints where the bath and/or shower meets the wall or floor.
  • Degrading sealant failing around tap faucets and drains causing leaks.

How we can help

  • Remove decaying or failing sealant (silicone or caulking).  Replace with new sealant to prevent water penetration and to create a proper seal.

bathroom waterproofing problems

Inadequate Slope or Drainage

Inadequate slope problems

  • Inadequate slope can cause water to pool in certain areas.

How we can help

  • Our waterproofers and tilers can assess whether there is an adequate slope so water leads to the drain and is taken away correctly.
  • If inadequate slope is determined, we can remove the bathroom tiles and rectify slope problems, waterproof and retile.

bathroom waterproofing problems

Walls and Floors Moisture

Causes of moisture in walls and floors

  • Any or all of the problems outlined above can cause water to enter the walls and floor of a bathroom leading to moisture problems.

How we can help

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Lack of Ventilation

Problems due to poor bathroom ventilation 

  • Bathrooms are wet areas filled with moisture and steam every day.  Improper ventilation can cause moisture to build up which promotes mould growth and water damage.

How we can help

  • Discuss how you can improve ventilation (e.g. exhaust fan installation, window placement to improve air flow)
  • Liaise with tradespeople to undertake the work.


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