leaking shower repairs forestville

Project: Leaking shower surround repair at Forestville

Forestville waterproofing and shower repairs. This Forestville customer noticed that their shower was leaking when under the house one day he noticed water on the dirt floor beneath the bathroom. Once onsite, our waterproofer undertook a range of water leak tests and ascertained that it was the shower surround that was leaking.  The grout had […]

northern beaches leaking shower repairs collaroy

Project: Leaking shower repair at Collaroy on the Northern Beaches

Shower repairs and bathroom waterproofing Northern Beaches. The owner of this Collaroy home only became aware that their shower was leaking when, under the house, they noticed water damage on the floor timbers below the bathroom. We estimate that water had been leaking from the shower, through the floor, for many months.  The damage to […]

fix leaking floor waste in shower

Project: Leaking shower drain (floor waste) repair and waterproofing

Leaking shower drain? Contact us for waterproofing repairs. This customer was only made aware that their shower drain was leaking when the resident from the unit below noticed water damage on their bathroom ceiling. Once onsite, our expert shower waterproofer had to remove the tiles around the shower drain (floor waste outlet). We then waterproofed […]

shower leak repairs mona vale

Project: Leaking bath and shower repair at Mona Vale

Waterproofing and retiling Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The waterproofing problem at this home in Mona Vale was caused by water leaking behind the wall taps along with the wall to bath join. Detecting the waterproofing problem In this older style bathroom, the shower was located over the bath. Each time someone had a […]

leaking bath repairs northern beaches

Examples of damage caused by leaking baths

Leaking bath repairs Northern Beaches and North Shore Sydney. Waterproofing problems caused by a leaking bath can cause considerable damage to your home.  In a worst-case scenario, if a leaking bath goes unnoticed for a long time, it can cause costly structural problems to the home. Unfortunately, it’s not until a waterproofing problem becomes very […]

fix leaking shower mosman

Project: Shower waterproofing and retiling at Mosman

Leaking shower repair Lower North Shore. This leaking shower repair and waterproofing job, in the main bathroom of this original unit in Mosman on Sydney’s North Shore, resulted in an outstanding result. Importantly, it gave the elderly owners peace of mind that the problem was fixed correctly and would last for many, many years to […]

tiler narrabeen

Project : Bathroom tile regrouting and shower waterproofing at Narrabeen

Shower waterproofing and bathroom retiling Northern Beaches. This project at a unit in Narrabeen, is the perfect example of the difference tile regrouting can make.  Don’t waste money replacing your kitchen or bathroom tiles – professional regrouting can make them look as good as new, saving you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. The bathroom in this […]

waterproofers dee why

Project: Shower retiling at Dee Why apartment

Leaking shower repairs Northern Beaches. This leaking shower repair, in the bathroom of a unit in Dee Why on the Northern Beaches Sydney, was completed in April 2020. This unit in the beachside suburb of Dee Why had been rented for few years. When the tenants moved out the owner decided to sell so wanted […]


Project: Shower waterproofing North Sydney

Leaking shower repair North Shore. This leaking shower repair, in the main bathroom of a home at Lane Cove on Sydney’s North Shore, was completed in April 2020. This bathroom was relatively new and, unfortunately, hadn’t been waterproofed correctly when it was renovated a few years prior.  The customer had noticed water leaking beneath the […]