Tile Grouting Services and Repairs

Don’t waste money replacing your kitchen or bathroom tiles.  Tile regrouting will make them look as good as new, breathing life back into your kitchen, bathroom or laundry and potentially saving you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.

Our tile grouting repair services

Our tile regrounting and repair services is a fast and affordable way to breathe new life into any tiles around the home – inside and out.

We are fully licensed tilers who specialise in the repair and waterproofing of all tiled areas including bathrooms, laundries, kitchens and balconies.  Tile regrouting can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars, as you don’t have to replace any tiles. It also ensures you’re able to walk on your tiled floors very quickly.

Our tilers use only quality materials and our workmanship exceeds the Australian Standard requirements.  Over the past 25+ years, we have built a solid reputation based on excellent quality and exceptional service.

We service Sydney’s Northern Beaches, North Shore and North Sydney areas, 24 hours / 7 days.

  • Tile re-grouting for bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and anywhere else around your home or business
  • Complete shower restorations including removing existing tiles, waterproofing the area and re-tiling
  • Tile repairs – repairing cracked, chipped and drummy tiles

For expert advice and a quote to replace tile grout, contact our friendly team anytime. We service all Northern Beaches and North Shore suburbs 24 hours, 7 days a week.

NEW TILING PROJECT?  Visit our sister company – Northern Beaches Tiling. Our expert Northern Beaches tilers can assist with all new tiling and retiling projects. Our team are licensed and qualified to undertake all indoor and outdoor tiling for residential, commercial and strata properties.  25+ years experience. 

Why tile grout goes crumbly or powdery?

Grout, the substance between tiles, should be easy to maintain and water-resistant.

If tile grout begins to break down (i.e. crumbly and/or powdery) then it is likely not doing it’s intended job.  To prevent water from penetrating tile joints and potentially causing damage to internal building walls and floors, it’s paramount the cracks be repaired as soon as possible.

Typically crumbly or powdery grout is caused by poor mixing and/or application by the tiler.  When tiling grout and water are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs which turns the mixture from a pasty consistency when wet to a hard joint when dry.  If the tiler hasn’t prepared the tiles appropriately, mixed the grout incorrectly, uses inferior or expired grout mix, then the grout will fail.

An effective long term solution to fix broken or inadequate tile grout is usually to scrape out the old grout and replace it.  Regrouting can transform tiles making them look as good as new, saving you hundreds of dollars.

tile grout repairs
The photo above shows the condition of the shower in this circa 1960s bathroom before tile regrouting and waterproofing to fix the broken seal around the perimeter of the shower base and regrout the floor and wall tiles.
tile grout repairs
The photo above shows how regrouting has transformed this very old shower. It is now waterproofed and we also added a new tile, matched as close as possible, where the original soap holder had fallen off.

Fixing broken seals around baths and showers.

Did you know that most houses encounter seasonal movement? 

The walls of your house move against each other, often causing the seal between the bath, shower base and vanities to break.  It is very important any cracks be filled in quickly with a flexible sealant to ensure moisture doesn’t leak through, causing costly damage.

If you see sealant lifting away or grout cracking, contact us immediately to prevent potentially catastrophic damage.  We will remove the old sealant and/or grout, and apply a new application of sealant or grout that is suitable to the location and adjoining materials providing a long-lasting seal (and giving you peace of mind).

shower repair reviews

“The team at Drip Dry Shower were professional and happily answered all my questions. I am very happy with the completed work and would recommend them to anyone.”
– A. Ackery, Google Review (Read more reviews »)


tile grout repairs
The photo above shows tile grout on the walls and floors that were not only mouldy but was breaking down, losing its waterproofing qualities.
tile grout repairs
The photo above shows the difference in the aesthetics of the shower but it is also now waterproofed and gives the customer peace of mind.