Project: Leaking shower repair and waterproofing at Pymble

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Leaking shower repair North Shore.

This bathroom, in Pymble on Sydney’s Upper North Shore, was around 25 years old. The shower tiling and waterproofing was in poor condition and had been leaking for some time causing damage to the wall in the adjacent bedroom. 

After the tenants of this property moved out, the owner started doing some minor cosmetic renovations (painting, new curtains, etc).

While painting, the owner noticed the paint at the bottom of the wall in the bedroom behind the shower showed signs of water damage and the paint was bubbling – a sure sign the shower was leaking. The carpet in the bedroom had also started rotting.  The damage was considerable and the shower had probably been leaking for several months, at least.

The tenants hadn’t reported the problem so the leak continued unabated.  In the tenant’s defence, the wall may have been covered by furniture so they were oblivious to the shower leak.  Unfortunately, we see this kind of thing all the time and recommend to our clients that they do an annual check of all walls behind wet areas in the home such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, by moving furniture and checking for any damage.  It can save you thousands of dollars in remedial repairs down the track.

We were contacted by the owner and organised access. The property was unoccupied so we arrived onsite the next day.

Upon inspection, it was very obvious to our waterproofer why the water damage on the adjacent wall was so bad.  The tile grout was disintegrating and the silicone coming away from the tiles leaving several areas where waterproofing was somewhat non-existent and could easily penetrate into the wall. The tenants had been a family with three kids so imagine how much water was leaking into the wall each day for all those months!

The first step for our waterproofer and tiler was to remove the grout between the floor tiles and the first section of wall tiles.  The old, disintegrating silicone was also removed and the area cleaned up.

The tiler regrounted the floor tiles and bottom layer of wall tiles.  New silicone was applied around the base of the shower and shower screen.

As the photo above attests, the result was fantastic and the shower looked as good as new.  There was an ensuite bathroom at the property of the same vintage as the main bathroom. While not showing any significant signs of wear and tear or potential waterproofing problems, we suggested to the owner that the shower in the ensuite get the same treatment within the next 12 months. He was in agreement as preventative repairs are always much cheaper than remedial repairs after the damage has been done.

Work completed on this project:


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For fast shower leak fixes, waterproofing and tile repairs, get in touch with our friendly team. We’re here to help 24/7.