Examples of damage caused by leaking baths

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The photo above shows damage caused to the brick wall beneath the tiles that has been getting wet constantly due to a leaking bath. The smell was quite awful.

Leaking bath repairs Northern Beaches and North Shore Sydney.

Waterproofing problems caused by a leaking bath can cause considerable damage to your home.  In a worst-case scenario, if a leaking bath goes unnoticed for a long time, it can cause costly structural problems to the home.

Unfortunately, it’s not until a waterproofing problem becomes very obvious that we are called in to investigate and fix the leak.  This can be after months, even years, of water damage has been occurring.

That’s why it’s paramount that waterproofing is done correctly from the outset and if problems do occur, that they are rectified quickly and by a licensed professional to ensure the problem doesn’t eventuate again.

fix leaking bath northern beaches
The photo below shows damage to the wall, floor and timber framework caused by a long-term leaking bath problem.

Signs your bath may be leaking

Below is a list of signs you may have a leaking bath…

  1. MOULDY SILICONE : Silicon products used to “plug” gaps, seal joints and repair cracks are usually only a temporary fix. Deteriorating or mouldy silicone is usually one of the first signs that your bath is leaking.
  2. SMELL : If you can smell mildew then this is usually due to dampness caused by a leak and is rotting timber and wall materials.
  3. WARPED WALLS : A leaking bath can cause the wall material to swell and contract causing walls to warp.
  4. STAINED WALLS : Water damage will create visible stains on walls.
  5. BUBBLING PAINT : Moisture commonly causes paint to bubble as the water prevents the paint from adhering to the wall.
  6. TILE GROUT : Tile grout may become crumbly and disintegrate due to constant moisture. Due to this tiles may even start coming off the walls.
  7. SKIRTING BOARDS : Swollen skirting boards are a typical sign that water is penetrating behind the wall. You may also notice skirting board paint peeling or discolouring.
  8. STICKING DOORS : Water causes timber to swell and contract. You may notice doors become stuck and are harder to open and close. Although the bath may be located a few metres from the door, water can travel great distances within wall cavities and under floors.

Fixing your leaking bath

When we’re called to find the cause of a waterproofing problem we must first identify the cause of the problem. Sometimes the client may not be aware of what is causing the problem so it’s up to our expert waterproofers to undertake some investigative work and leak testing.

If you’re concerned your bath may be leaking and need advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us direct. We’re here to help. Our job is to rectify any waterproofing issues you may have and prevent additional problems from occurring.


For fast shower and bath leak fixes, waterproofing and tile repairs, get in touch with our friendly team. We’re here to help 24/7.

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For fast shower leak fixes, waterproofing and tile repairs, get in touch with our friendly team. We’re here to help 24/7.