Examples of damage caused by leaking showers seen by our Sydney waterproofers

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The photo above shows damage at a home in Seaforth to the substrate floor caused by a leaking shower over a long period of time.

Did you know that waterproofing problems, often from leaking showers, can cause significant damage to a home.  Shower leaks can go unnoticed for months, even years, until the damage becomes overwhelmingly apparent and, by then, can be very costly to repair.
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The photo above, taken at a home in Collaroy, shows evidence of damage to the floor and walls caused by a constantly leaking shower when the waterproofing failed.

Signs your shower may be leaking

There are several reasons why your shower may be leaking. Firstly, it’s important to identify the cause of the problem so it can be fixed quickly and cost-effectively. If the source of the leak is not identified then constant water damage over time can actually weaken your home and lead to serious structural problems that can be expensive to fix.

Below is a list of 8 common signs that your shower may be leaking or you have a waterproofing problem.
  1. SMELL : If you can smell mildew then this is usually due to dampness caused by a leak and is rotting timber and wall materials.
  2. WARPED WALLS : Water damage can cause the wall material to swell and contract causing walls to warp.
  3. SKIRTING BOARDS : Swollen skirting boards are a typical sign that water is penetrating behind the wall. You may also notice skirting board paint peeling or discolouring.
  4. STAINED WALLS : Water damage will create visible stains on walls.
  5. BUBBLING PAINT : Moisture commonly causes paint to bubble as the water prevents the paint from adhering to the wall.
  6. TILE GROUT : Tile grout may become crumbly and disintegrate due to constant moisture. Due to this tiles may even start coming off the walls.
  7. STICKING DOORS : Water causes timber to swell and contract. You may notice doors become stuck and are harder to open and close.
  8. MOULDY SILICONE : Silicon products used to “plug” gaps, seal joints and repair cracks are usually only a temporary fix. Deteriorating or mouldy silicone can be a sign that your shower is leaking.
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No substrate waterproofing had been installed in this older unit in Narrabeen. When the old tile grout cracked and failed, water could then seep directly through to the timber frame as there wasn’t an adequate or secondary waterproofing membrane to stop it.

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Drip Dry Shower Repairs and Waterproofing specialise in fast and affordable leaking shower repairsbalcony and bathroom waterproofing and tile rescue including fixing broken and cracked tiles plus grouting services. We service all Northern Beaches suburbs, the Upper and Lower North Shore and Central Coast.

Our expert waterproofers are fully licensed and insured. We are compliant with all Strata and Real Estate listing agencies who monitor and ensure contractors have the right safety systems, qualifications and insurances to work on your sites and projects. We use only quality materials and our workmanship exceeds the Australian Standard requirements.

We fully compliant in :

  • legislation and industry requirements
  • verified ABN and trading names with ASIC
  • validated insurances and licences
  • safety, environment, organisational and financial management systems

In the vast majority of cases we can undertake shower repairs without removing tiles. We have built our reputation on quality and service, with over 20 years experience. In fact, we’re so confident in our method of shower repair, we now lead the way with the first NO LEAK LIFETIME GUARANTEE

We service all suburbs on the Northern Beaches, Upper North Shore, Lower North Shore and North Sydney areas.

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