Why do tiles crack?

why do tiles crack

Tiles are a solid, inflexible and highly durable flooring option. When tiles crack, contrary to most people’s opinion, it is not the cause of faulty tiles but usually a reaction to another cause.

Cracks running across several tiles

There could be several causes for this occurring. One could be movement in the substrate caused by structural problems. Movement in the substrate can cause cracks across multiple tiles running in a roughly straight line.  If tiles are laid on a concrete slab and cracks appear then the slab could be moving, due to a structural issue. Alternatively, if tiles are laid on a concrete slab, the concrete may not have been left to cure long enough and shrinkage cracks in the concrete are transferring to the tiles.  Foundation rod stress is another cause that presents itself during concrete settling and curing.

Cracks where old and new tiles meet

If cracks appear where new tiles have been laid that meet with previously existing tiles, this could indicate an expansion problem or movement in the substrate joint.

Cracks where tiles and different flooring meets

If tile cracking happens along the joint of two different flooring surfaces (eg, timber floor meets tiled floor) this could indicate movement in the joint.

Tile corners cracked

This is usually due to the faulty laying of the tile initially and the application of the tile adhesive. The tiler has probably not achieved full coverage of adhesive under the tile, leaving a voice which, when pressure is applied to the tile causes it to crack.  You can check if this is the case by tapping the crack and listening for a hollow sound that indicates a void below the tile.

cracked tile repairs northern beaches

Tile repairs Northern Beaches + North Shore Sydney

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Repairing broken or cracked tiles can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. It also ensures you’re able to walk on the floor quickly.

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