Waterproofing Services and Leaking Shower Repairs Northern Beaches.

We have been providing bathroom waterproofing, leaking shower repairs, balcony waterproofingfixing cracked and broken tiles, and regrouting in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore for the past 20+ years.   We use only quality materials and our workmanship exceeds the Australian Standard requirements, giving us the confidence to provide our customers with a 15 YEAR GUARANTEE!

repair leaking showers

We repair leaking showers

Leaking shower? Water all over the bathroom floor every time you shower? Do you have rust patches or paint bubbling around the shower or close by?

We are fully licensed shower waterproofers specialising in shower and bathroom leaks. In most cases an on-site inspection is required to assess the source of the leak in showers and bathrooms. We will meet you at a convenient time to determine the repair needed and provide a written quotation for acceptance.  Leaking shower repair services »

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Affordable waterproofing solutions

We are fully licensed waterproofing professionals, specialising in the repair and waterproofing of showers and bathrooms.

Our bathroom waterproofing services include:

Bathroom waterproofing repairs »

leaking balcony waterproofing northern beaches

Leaking balcony waterproofing repairs

There are several reasons why your balcony may be leaking. Firstly, it’s important to identify the cause of the problem so it can be fixed quickly and cost effectively. If the source of the leak is not identified then constant water damage will occur over time that can not only ruin internal furnishings such as carpet and rugs but can actually weaken your properties structural integrity which can be very expensive to fix.

If you suspect or identify problems with a leaking balcony, it should be assessed by a licensed waterproofing professional as soon as possible.  Our qualified waterproofers have worked with clients  throughout the Northern Beaches and Sydney metropolitan area to assess and rectify leaking balcony problems.  For assistance call Drip Dry Showers and Waterproofing direct on 0416 292 002 or complete our online enquiry form.  We are available 24/7 to attend to emergency waterproofing problems.

Leaking balcony repairs and waterproofing services  »

tile regrouting northern beaches

Tile grouting & repairs

Don’t waste money replacing your kitchen or bathroom tiles.  Tile regrouting will make them look as good as new breathing new life into your kitchen, bathroom or laundry. 

As fully licensed tilers we provide the following services:

  • Tile regrouting for bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and anywhere else around your home or business
  • Complete shower restorations including removing existing tiles, waterproofing the area and retiling.
  • Tile repairs – repairing cracked, chipped and drummy tiles

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