Tag: Balcony Waterproofing

Leaking balcony? Is water coming inside your home from the balcony after rain or when watering plants? A leaking balcony can be representative of a more serious problem and may be causing considerable damage to your property that you can’t actually see.

We are frequently called to homes where the balcony has been leaking for a very long time but it is only when very obvious signs start presented themselves that the client realises there is an issue.

Signs your balcony is leaking: 

  • Flooding or water not draining away.
  • Smell of mildew caused by dampness.
  • Warped walls due to water causing them to swell and contract.
  • Bubbling paint because water prevents paint from adhering to the wall.
  • Tile grout crumbling and disintegrating due to constant moisture.
  • Sticking doors caused by timber swelling and contracting.

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